The Federation was created by agents and partners within the Yacht Charter in the wake of the Corona Virus Pandemic. More than ever agents and charterers week seeking some was to all their voice and create a consensus together. In addition to the routine communication between agents and their parters, we saw competitors, often for the first time, collaborating for he good and benefit of the industry. We saw strong levels of goodwill and coordination between all parts of the eco system.  During this time members saw room for opportunity and the desire to be a part a movement that works for on behalf of the Yacht Charter Industry.

A company has been registered in the United Kingdom as a ‘Not for Profit’ (limited by guarantee). This means that no individual or organisation with profit from the organisation. A ‘committee’ will make decisions for on behalf of the industry, and a ‘board’ will provide structural governance.

A draft constitution has already been create and we look forward to announcing the first ‘committee’ and ‘board’ later in late 2020.

Before that time, is yet to form it’s first committee yet is it already providing benefits to their members.